Wonderfully Awful Pizza

This passage describes how two boys make a pizza with some very strange toppings.

Lexile Level: 1140L

Categories: Sports & Health

Alex and Dennis had set out to make a delicious pizza, but somewhere along the way, things had taken a turn. The pair soon found themselves staring at a circle of dough covered with jellybeans, ground meat, salsa, leftover spaghetti, carrots, bananas, grape jam, peanut butter, and mozzarella cheese. Dennis lifted the creation carefully and slid it onto the middle rack of the hot oven. Within minutes, the collection of toppings began to melt into a rainbow-colored disc. As the edges of the crust began to brown, Alex challenged Dennis to a race. He said he was certain he could eat his half of the pizza in less time than Dennis could eat his. Dennis suggested they wager a week's worth of chores, and Alex agreed. The two shook hands and removed the pizza from the oven. Alex made a single cut down the middle, Dennis chose the half he deemed to be slightly smaller, and the two began to chomp down mouthfuls of wonderfully awful pizza.

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