Emma's Habits

This passage discusses a young woman's strange habits.

Lexile Level: 1130L

Categories: Sports & Health Adventure

Emma had a disturbing habit. Whenever she was looking for something, she forgot what exactly she had intended to find, and then found something else instead. For instance, she would go into the bathroom for a hairbrush, and while searching for the hairbrush, she would discover a cotton ball. She would pick up the cotton ball and return to the kitchen where she hoped to find a coffee cup. Hours later, Emma sat alone with the cotton ball, a can of soda, and a magazine she'd discovered while looking for a Kafka novel. Emma would notice that her hair was tangled. After years of being frustrated by locating mints instead of car keys, or skateboards instead of cell phones, Emma finally accepted her brain's unique way of finding life's hidden treasures.

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