This passage explains how calcium helps our bodies.

Lexile Level: 1220L

Categories: Sports & Health Science & Technology

You've probably heard that drinking milk helps build strong bones and teeth. That's because milk contains calcium, an important nutrient. By eating and drinking plenty of milk, children and teens can help store calcium for later in life, making it less likely that bones will become brittle with age or break easily. If you don't like plain milk, drink flavored milk. People who are allergic to milk can get calcium from other dairy products such as yogurt and cheese, or from orange juice or other drinks with calcium added. Dark green, leafy vegetables also contain calcium. If you're worried about gaining weight, fat-free or low-fat milk provides calcium but with less fat. Calcium should be a part of your daily diet for your entire life, so start getting more calcium today! Put sour cream on a baked potato, make a yogurt dip for raw vegetables, or enjoy a delicious soy shake the next time you want a snack.

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