Unusual Paperweight

This passage describes an unusual desk accessory that helps the writer of this passage to concentrate.

Lexile Level: 1290L

Categories: People & Places Classics & Literature

My bobble-head University of North Carolina ram paperweight is my favorite desk accessory. The figurine is firmly rooted inside a miniature rendition of the Dean Dome, complete with white stairs, darkened windows, and little blue dots that represent the fans inside the stadium. The ram is wearing black boots, white pants, and a light blue shirt with an interlocking NC symbol proudly displayed in the center. The ram's mouth is curled up in a firm, serious smile. His eyes are large and black, with the smallest points of white painted in the middle. His eyebrows curve up menacingly toward his yellow horns, which spiral back over his pointy ears and then rest on his wide head. When I have trouble concentrating on my studies, I reach over to wiggle the ram's head and watch it jiggle back and forth; it makes me smile and helps me to relax and get back to work.

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