Basketball Game

This passage is about a group of boys who play basketball against some older men.

Lexile Level: 1380L

Categories: Sports & Health

Parker had been at the courts all afternoon playing basketball. He, Sean, and three guys from the Houghton High junior varsity team had won six games straight, and despite his aching calves and cramping thigh, Parker felt great. His shirt and shorts were drenched in sweat as they began the next game against a group of old-timers who talked about playing together on a state championship team a decade ago. The tallest opponent, whom the old guys called Stilts, was going to provide a challenge, but Parker figured they could easily win their seventh game in a row. However, when the short, stocky, gray-haired man sank his first shot from twenty feet out, Parker thought they might be in for more of a challenge than he had imagined.

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