This passage is about a girl who attempts to skydive for the first time.

Lexile Level: 440L

Categories: Sports & Health Adventure

Julia looked at her instructor and frowned. Sure, she had been practicing for this moment for days. But all of a sudden, she didn't feel ready. Her instructor put his hand on her shoulder and shouted something. Julia couldn't hear him over the roar of the engine. She shook her head and gave her instructor a puzzled look. He leaned in closer and shouted into her ear. He told her he wasn't going to force her. It was totally up to her. Julia knew that if she backed down now, she might never have the nerve to try it again. Julia thought about all she had learned during her training. She had paid attention. She had taken notes. She had passed her written test. Maybe she really was ready. She nodded to her instructor and gave him a thumbs-up. A second later, she was a skydiver at last.


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