This passage discusses the largest trees in the world called sequoias.

Lexile Level: 490L

Categories: People & Places Animals & Nature

There are trees that can be almost 400 feet tall. These are the tallest trees in the world. They are called sequoias. Sequoias are a type of tree. Sequoias are only found in certain areas. They are not everywhere. They are in California and Oregon. They grow near the Pacific Ocean. Scientists believe that thousands of years ago sequoias used to be in a lot more places in the United States. Those other sequoias died off. Now, they are just in California and Oregon. Some of the sequoia trees are very old. There are some sequoia trees still alive that are almost 4,000 years old. Sequoias get water from fog off the ocean. Water from the fog drips down the tree trunk to the ground. This allows the trees to grow to be very big. Sequoias are also big around. Some sequoias can be 25 feet around. The leaves of the sequoia are not very big. They have small leaves.

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