Milton and the Chunk of Cheese

This passage is about a mouse determined to get a chunk of cheese from a family's kitchen.

Lexile Level: 470L

Categories: Fantasy

Milton the mouse was always looking for cheese. He would scour the kitchen of the Lang's house and look for crumbs that had been left behind. The Lang family had a son named Lyle. Lyle loved cheese, too. Sometimes Lyle dropped bits of cheese on the floor. Milton would run and grab the cheese. Then, he would scoot back to the crack under the cabinet. Milton was careful. Mrs. Lang had seen him once. She screamed very loudly and tried to hit Milton with the broom. After that, Milton was wary about going out when Mrs. Lang was around. One afternoon in the fall, Lyle left a big hunk of Swiss cheese out on the counter. Milton couldn't believe the size of the piece of cheese. He raced out. But it was too late. He saw Mrs. Lang. She screamed and reached for the broom. Milton stuffed his cheeks with cheese. He ran for his hole. He made it just as the broom hit the floor behind him.

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