Big Dogs

This passage is about a boy who loves big dogs and isn't afraid of them.

Lexile Level: 570L

Categories: Animals & Nature Adventure

Some people like small dogs. Some people like big dogs. Trevor liked huge dogs. The bigger the dog, the better, as far as Trevor was concerned. A lot of people are afraid of big dogs. But Trevor was not. When Trevor was six, the family across the street got a Great Dane. It was the biggest dog that Trevor had ever seen. He couldn't believe how huge it was. The dog stood almost three feet tall, and its head was bigger than a toaster. His nose was the size of a big, brown, wet baseball. The dog's name was Hamlet. Trevor loved Hamlet as if he was his own dog. Trevor was happy when the neighbors let him take care of Hamlet when they went away for a weekend. When Trevor's parents saw what a good job he did, they decided that he was ready for a dog of his own.


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