The Penguin Keeper

This passage is about the man who takes care of the penguins at a zoo.

Lexile Level: 500L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Lionel worked at the zoo. He liked working with the animals. The penguins were his favorites. He fed them fish and shrimp. One day, Lionel's favorite penguin, Rocky, did not act right. He did not dive off the big rock. He did not waddle after the fish Lionel threw. He just sat there. Lionel couldn't tell if Rocky was hunched over or not, since all penguins looked a little hunched to Lionel. Rocky didn't even come when Lionel put out the shrimp. Shrimp was Rocky's favorite treat. Lionel went over to Rocky and offered him a shrimp. Rocky just looked at it. Lionel put it right next to the penguin's bill. Rocky snapped, but not at the shrimp. He snapped at Lionel. When Rocky's mouth was open, Lionel saw a sore inside it. Lionel took Rocky to see the zoo's veterinarian. Soon Rocky was his old self, and so was Lionel!


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