Milton and the Fat Cat

This passage is about a mouse's confrontation with a big cat.

Lexile Level: 570L

Categories: Fantasy Adventure

Milton the mouse hated the Lang's cat. It was big and yellow. All that cat did the whole day was sleep, eat, and lick its paws. That wasn't really all that cat did. It also chased Milton. Milton could not understand how that fat cat could run so fast. One night, the Lang's son, Lyle, was playing video games in the den. The cat slept beside him. Milton saw a piece of a cracker on the kitchen floor. Milton crept quietly out into the dark room. He put one mouse paw in front of the other. Only two more steps and he would be there. A yellow blur came around the corner. To Milton, the lunging cat looked like a monster right out of Lyle's video game. Milton left the cracker and ran for his hole. The cat hissed. Milton made it into the hole and then checked to make sure he still had the end of his tail. He didn't think he would ever want a cracker bad enough to go near that cat again.


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