This passage discusses the state of Maine.

Lexile Level: 590L

Categories: People & Places

Maine is in an area of the country called New England. Maine shares a border with New Hampshire. Maine is the only state that only borders one other state. It became a state in 1820. There is a whirlpool near Maine's coast. The whirlpool is called "Old Sow." A whirlpool is an area in the ocean that swirls around all the time. A whirlpool spins around, like water going down a drain. Maine is also known for its seafood. The most famous seafood that comes from Maine is lobster. Many people in Maine have jobs catching lobsters. Lobsters live on the bottom of the ocean. They have claws and antennas. Many people like to eat lobster tails. Stephen King is a famous resident of Maine. Stephen King writes scary books.

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