Darnell the Runner

This passage is about a boy who just loves to run!

Lexile Level: 600L

Categories: Sports & Health

Darnell loved to run. Ever since he first started walking, he only had one speed, and that was fast. From the time he was a year old until he was three, he would run around the house until he got so tired that he'd fall asleep wherever he landed. As he grew older, Darnell grew stronger. He didn't get tired so easily. He would run around the yard for hours. When he was older still, he would run around the block over and over again. Darnell didn't take the bus to school. He ran. At recess he didn't play on the swings or monkey bars, he ran around the playground. Sometimes his teacher would have to remind him when it was time to go back to class. The more Darnell ran, the faster he became. Nobody could outrun him. Eventually nobody even tried. When people asked Darnell why he ran so much, he just said his legs needed something to do.

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