The Know-It-All

This passage is about a woman who loves to talk.

Lexile Level: 620L

Categories: People & Places

The one thing you didn't want to do if you were in a hurry was to get Helen talking. Once Helen started talking, there was just no stopping her. Helen had a great memory and a mind for detail. She knew historical facts. She knew geography. She knew current events. And she could tell you everything there was to know about the weather. Not just the weather in your city, but she could tell you about the weather almost everywhere. She could tell you the high and low temperatures in outer Mongolia, if you asked. As a matter of fact, she'd probably tell you even if you didn't ask. If you knew Helen, you didn't need a television, you didn't need a computer, and you didn't even need a radio. Helen was a living, breathing source of knowledge. People admired and respected Helen. But they avoided her on their way to important appointments.


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