This passage is about rodeos and what goes on there.

Lexile Level: 610L

Categories: History Sports & Health

Rodeos are shows where cowboys test their skills. There are many events at a rodeo. Most events include riding a wild animal, like a bull or steer. These animals try to buck the rider off their backs. Cowboys also compete in roping contests. They try to catch and lasso the animals quickly. The first rodeo took place in 1864. Two groups of cowboys got into a fight. They wanted to know which group was best at the tasks on a ranch. The cowboys met in a small town in Colorado. They held a contest. It was the first rodeo. By the late 1800s, these contests were a popular sport. Rodeos are sort of like a western circus. They showcase animals and tricks by daring people. More than 100 years later, rodeos are still popular. Today, cowboys are paid to compete at rodeos across the nation.

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