This passage describes pheromones, natural "fragrance" released from a person's body and said to attract others.

Lexile Level: 1340L

Categories: Science & Technology Romance

Fragrance has played an important role in human relationships for thousands of years. In addition to perfuming their environments and their bodies, people have used perfumed oils and unguents in religious and spiritual ceremonies. Many people use aromatherapy today, believing that introducing a particular scent into one's environment can alter one's mood and enhance well-being. Although it is relatively easy today to add scent to almost any element of a person's life, the most effective part of scent may be a person's own pheromones, released in his or her perspiration. Pheromones are naturally occurring chemical substances said to attract members of the opposite sex. Since to the human nose they are virtually scentless, artificial pheromones can be added to any perfume and may give wearers an advantage in the dating game. Wearing perfume or cologne with added pheromones is also said to boost one's confidence level, which may impact interactions and relationships, as well.

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