Dolphin Intelligence

This passage reveals just how smart dolphins can be.

Lexile Level: 610L

Categories: Animals & Nature

At an aquarium, trainers taught dolphins to bring them trash. The trainers had a routine. They walked onto a floating stage. The dolphins approached and performed a tail stand with a piece of trash in their mouths. The trainers took the trash from the dolphins. They gave the dolphins a bit of fish. One day a trainer noticed something strange. One dolphin kept coming back with trash even though the area was clean. The trainer asked a partner to spy on the dolphin. They learned the dolphin had a scam! The dolphin collected trash and put it in a bag. The dolphin was smart. When he wanted fish, he went to his hiding place. The dolphin also knew a small piece of trash was worth the same as a big piece. So the dolphin tore off pieces of trash before he went to the trainer.

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