This passage is about a set of twins and how being twins affects their daily lives.

Lexile Level: 670L

Categories: People & Places

Hindi had a twin sister named Nejud. Hindi and Nejud were best friends. They shared everything together, including their toys, their clothes, and their bedroom. The girls had other brothers and sisters, but they were the youngest in the family. People used to tease them because they could never tell the two apart. Wherever Hindi went, there was Nejud. One day Nejud got sick and couldn't go to school. Hindi went to school by herself and thought it was very strange. She had never been anywhere without her sister. But she realized that when she was by herself, people didn't get confused the way they did when she was with her sister. For a long time Hindi remembered that day as the day she was known as herself. When she got home from school, she was also really happy to see her sister.

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