Fire Safety

This passage discusses good ways to practice fire safety.

Lexile Level: 600L

Categories: Sports & Health Adventure

Many homes are destroyed in fires each year. There are ways to practice fire safety in your home. There should be smoke alarms on each level of your house. They will wake you up if there is a fire. You should test the smoke alarms once a month. A fire escape plan is also a good idea. Once a fire starts, it is important to get out of the house quickly. Draw your plan on paper. Know the route you'll take. Hold a practice fire drill with your family. Pick a place to meet once you get out of the house. If there is smoke, crawl below it to the closest exit. There are also things you can do to prevent starting fires. Never leave the kitchen when there is food cooking on the stove. Turn off space heaters before you go to sleep. Remember that candles are dangerous. Adults should always be in charge of lighting them and blowing them out before leaving a room.

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