This passage is about a young girl's special friendship with her older neighbor.

Lexile Level: 640L

Categories: People & Places

Each day on her walk home from school, Melinda stopped by Mrs. Fanjul's house. Melinda helped Mrs. Fanjul by sweeping off the front porch, and Mrs. Fanjul always had a treat for Melinda. Mrs. Fanjul made fresh bread everyday. The smell of the bread always met Melinda as she walked up to the front door. Mrs. Fanjul would put a pat of butter on a slice of the warm bread for Melinda. It was so good. But one Tuesday, Melinda did not smell any bread. There was no sign of Mrs. Fanjul. Melinda rang the doorbell four times. Melinda was worried. At last, she saw a note on the porch. The note told Melinda that Mrs. Fanjul had to go to see a sick friend. Melinda felt much better knowing that Mrs. Fanjul was all right. The note said that Melinda should look in the mailbox. When she opened the mailbox, Melinda found two slices of bread wrapped in foil. Mrs. Fanjul was a kind friend.

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