Flower Girls

This passage is about a group of sisters who get to be flower girls in their aunt's wedding.

Lexile Level: 720L

Categories: People & Places Adventure

Lonya was excited because her aunt was getting married. This meant Lonya and her sisters would be flower girls during the ceremony. Lonya's mother told them that flower girls had the special task of preparing the way for the woman who was getting married. Lonya and her sisters would walk down the aisle with little baskets full of flower petals. They would get to throw the petals on the ground. Her aunt would then walk down the aisle after them. Lonya couldn't wait. She loved being around people, and she also loved her aunt. She knew this was a special day for her. Lonya also looked forward to wearing the pretty pink dress her aunt had made for her. This was going to make a lovely memory. Her sisters were excited about the wedding because they wanted to do everything their older sister did.


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