Athlete in Training

This passage is about a girl who wants to be in the Olympics some day.

Lexile Level: 730L

Categories: Sports & Health

Melissa loved sports. She was the fastest runner in her class, and she knew all the rules for the different games. She was good at football, soccer, basketball, and even liked tennis. Melissa hoped that when she grew up, she could be a professional athlete and one day be in the Olympics. She loved watching gymnastics on TV at home with her family during the Summer Olympics. Gymnastics was the sport that they all watched together. The gymnasts were so talented. It was amazing to her. When the competitors were done performing their stunts, the judges announced a winner. There were three winners at the end of each competition, and they got ribbons with medals on them. Gold, silver, and bronze were the different types of medals. Melissa wanted to win gold because that was for first place.


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