The Party

This passage is about a girl who throws a surprise party for her sister.

Lexile Level: 750L

Categories: Adventure

Jeanine pulled the roll of crepe paper from the closet. She was putting the finishing touches on the decorations for her sister's surprise birthday party. She wanted the place to look perfect. Jeanine had bought some bright balloons and a pretty flower arrangement to make the room look festive. She and her mother had spent all morning preparing the food and making the birthday cake. Jeanine wanted to make this day very special, since it would be the first time her sister would be home from college in over a month. Jeanine really missed her sister. They had been very close, and Jeanine sometimes felt lonely in her absence. The surprise party for her sister had been Jeanine's idea. She thought it would be a fun way to welcome her sister home. Jeanine stood back to survey her work. She was pleased and was sure her sister would be, too.


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