Mac's Hat

This passage is about a boy who does not like to wear his hat and gloves outside to play.

Lexile Level: 730L

Categories: People & Places

Mac preferred life without gloves and hats. Not only were hats and gloves cumbersome, they had a habit of getting lost. Mac told his mother that it wasn't his fault that his hat and gloves had gone missing. He had put them down beside the seesaw while at recess. His mother asked him why. He told her that he could not grip the seesaw properly while wearing gloves. They were covered with knitted strawberries. He could not feel the cold whistle in his ears while wearing his hat. When he returned to school, he noticed that the hat and gloves had disappeared. Maybe they got carried away by their enjoyment of the whistling wind, too, Mac wondered. His mother looked angry. He thought life would be easier if there were no such thing as hats and gloves.

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