Mike's Cubs

This passage is about a young man who is a very avid Chicago Cubs fan.

Lexile Level: 2835L

Categories: People & Places Sports & Health

Michael was a Cubs baseball fan. The Cubs always lost. Come rain or shine, come snow, sleet, or smog, the Cubs inevitably lost. Michael wore his Cubs hat daily. He lived in Texas, and in Texas people scoffed at his hat. They said that the Cubs were losers. Michael spurned them in their ignorance. In the summer, he traveled in the sleeper car by train to Chicago as often as he could to attend all their games at Wrigley Field. There were protests in the street when the city decided to add lights to Wrigley Field so that the Cubs could play at night. Michael agreed with the others. The Cubs and electric light should have little to do with one another. Michael wished he lived in one of the buildings right next to the field. Then he could watch all the games from his window. He could invite people over to roast hot dogs on the roof and sun bathe. The L-train would pass, and the passengers would look on enviously. Michael knew that if he did not live in Texas and lived in one of those buildings instead, he would surely have friends. He could wear his Cubs hat without fear.


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