This passage is about how most birds live.

Lexile Level: 770L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Most birds can fly. Flying helps birds get around and escape predators like cats. Birds can also migrate, or fly south, for the winter, which helps them escape cold weather. There are four important things that allow birds to fly. Those things are feathers, small size, a one-way breathing system, and a strong heart. Still, not all birds can fly. Some run or swim. For example, the ostrich runs very fast, and the emperor penguin swims well in the cold waters of Antarctica. Birds spend most of their time looking for food. Most birds eat insects. Eagles and owls, however, do eat meat, including mice. Other birds eat plants, and some even eat fruit. When it's time for birds to have babies, the mother birds lay eggs in a nest. At least one parent will take care of the babies until they can fly away and look for food by themselves.

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