This passage is about snails and how they live.

Lexile Level: 740L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Would you ever eat a snail? Many people in other countries do eat snails, and some of them pay a lot of money for plates of snails. This specialty dish is called "escargot," which means "snail" in French. Snails can live on land and in the water. Most of the snails you have seen are probably those with coiled shells that drag along through your garden. They move their mushy bodies across the dirt like earthworms, leaving a slimy trail. Another type of snail that you have probably seen is the "slug." Slugs are snails without shells. The Australian marine snails are the largest in the world. These huge snails can grow to be 30 inches in length. That's longer than your arm! They can weigh 40 pounds. That's a lot of snail to eat for dinner!

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