This passage is about a girl who gets creative with her holiday presents.

Lexile Level: 850L

Categories: Adventure

Jennifer knew that she would need whatever creativity she could find for this holiday season. Her mother had told her and her younger sister, Emily, that they were going to try something new this year. She had suggested that if the girls wanted, perhaps they could make gifts for each other. Jennifer wanted to be able to surprise her mother and sister with presents, but she had no idea what she could make. She had made pot holders at camp once, but her mother already had several, and Emily would have no use for a pot holder. She had helped her mother make candles once, but she knew that she could not make them on her own. What would her mother like? Suddenly she knew. She would give her mother coupons saying that she would do extra chores whenever asked. Emily would love a coupon letting her ride Jennifer's bike. Ideas for other gift-coupons filled her thoughts.

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