Indoor Fun

This passage is about a boy who loves to play outside until he discovers that indoor play can be fun as well.

Lexile Level: 870L

Categories: Art & Music Adventure

Ed was a rowdy boy who loved to play outside. He thought kids who stayed inside their houses were scared of adventure and fun. Then, he made friends with a boy named Tommy. Tommy's mother was a music teacher. Tommy spent lots of time inside playing different instruments. At first, Ed didn't think that he and Tommy could be good friends since they rarely got to see each other. The first time Ed heard Tommy play the piano he was amazed at how wonderful it sounded and how fun it looked. He was nervous at first, but he eventually gathered enough courage to ask Tommy to show him how to play the piano. They learned a song together, and Tommy's mom said it was the best she had ever heard anyone play it. Ed realized that being indoors wasn't as bad as he thought.

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