This passage is about a girl who learns how to use dental floss correctly.

Lexile Level: 860L

Categories: Sports & Health

Shonda's mom showed her how to use dental floss. Shonda didn't know what dental floss was, but her mom told her it was important. In the bathroom, Shonda's mom took a small, plastic box out of the cabinet. She opened the box and pulled out a piece of what looked like string. Shonda's mom let her feel the string. The string was slick, and Shonda's mom said it was waxed so that it would work better on teeth. Her mom wrapped one end of the string around the pointer finger of one hand and then the other end of string around the pointer finger of the other hand. Then she worked the wax string between her teeth. Shonda's mom told her that dental floss helped to protect teeth. The floss could get rid of food that got stuck between teeth. Shonda's mom said that if the food stayed there between the teeth, it could hurt Shonda's teeth. That's why it was important to use dental floss.

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