Georgia O'Keeffe

This passage is about the famous female painter, Georgia O'Keeffe.

Lexile Level: 860L

Categories: People & Places Art & Music

Georgia O'Keeffe painted scenes of the American West. At first, she painted pictures of trees and cities, but these are not the paintings that most people remember. They remember her paintings of brightly colored flowers. Also, people recall O'Keeffe and her paintings of wide-open spaces, pictures of trains that look like they are from a dream, and cows' skulls. Art critics are people who say what is good and what is bad in art. They said O'Keeffe was one of the best female painters. O'Keeffe said that whether the painters were men or women, she was among the best painters. She was a very independent artist and person. She moved to Texas and New Mexico to be far away from most art critics. In moving to the west, she found the things that she would paint for the rest of her life.

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