Cake for the New Neighbors

This passage is about a woman who bakes a cake to welcome new neighbors into the neighborhood.

Lexile Level: 960L

Categories: Sports & Health

As far as Edith was concerned, there was nothing better than a homemade chocolate cake for welcoming a new family to the neighborhood. When she heard that someone was finally moving into the vacant house across the street, she got right to work. She measured two cups of flour into a mixing bowl. She added baking powder, baking soda, and just a pinch of salt, and then stirred the mixture thoroughly. In a larger bowl, she added some softened butter and beat it with a spatula until it was creamy. Then she stirred in some sugar. When that was done, she cracked two large eggs on the side of the bowl and added them to the other ingredients. She mixed and stirred again. She added some melted chocolate, a teaspoon of vanilla, and a cup of water. Finally she added the dry ingredients from the first bowl and stirred until she had a smooth batter. She poured the batter into two round cake pans and put them into her oven. It was a lot of work, but Edith knew the new neighbors would enjoy her homemade chocolate cake.


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