This passage discusses what happens when someone daydreams.

Lexile Level: 940L

Categories: Adventure

Have you ever been so absorbed in a daydream that you were startled when someone spoke to you? When you daydream, you are in a partially conscious state of mind. It is as if everything around you has been turned down so that you don't really see or hear anything. Instead, you are mentally someplace else. Although it is not a good idea to daydream when you are supposed to be paying attention to what you are doing or what someone is saying, daydreaming can actually be a healthy activity. When you daydream, you engage your creativity and imagination. It can lead to wonderful ideas, or it can help you solve problems. Imagining what could happen can be a first step to making it happen. Daydreaming can also be the perfect escape if you'd rather be doing something else or be someplace else. Be sure first, though, that your attention can be free to wander.

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