Stray Cat

This passage is about a boy who begins taking care of a stray cat.

Lexile Level: 960L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Taylor knew that he would eventually be able to coax the stray cat to come to him. He had been feeding her for weeks, patiently leaving food at the bottom of the back porch steps each afternoon. At first, she ignored the food for hours, though Taylor knew she must be hungry. She was very thin, but she was also afraid, and she would not eat as long as he was near. After about a week, she began approaching the steps as soon as he had put the food down and moved back inside the house. Six days ago, she had allowed him to sit quietly at the top of the steps while she ate, though she watched him nervously with every bite. Yesterday Taylor had moved down the steps, one step away from her. She had gulped every bite and then dashed away, but she had eaten. Soon, he thought, she would be his friend.


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