Sunday Morning

This passage is about a girl who shares Sunday breakfast with her family.

Lexile Level: 980L

Categories: People & Places

Sunday morning breakfasts had always been one of Renata's favorite things. Her family would sprawl around the kitchen table after eating too many syrup-swollen pancakes. They would talk about the week that had passed and the week to come, joking and teasing each other as they caught up on what was happening in each others' lives. Renata loved watching them. Her older brothers could seem distant at other times, and the younger children always seemed to need too much attention, but on Sunday mornings they seemed wonderful to her. This Sunday, however, was different. Renata found herself becoming irritated as she watched the baby push bites of pancake over the edge of her highchair tray. Were her brothers always so loud, and why hadn't anyone wiped the spilled juice from the table? The kitchen she had loved now seemed dingy and dirty.

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