This passage describes a young man's love of boating.

Lexile Level: 910L

Categories: Sports & Health Animals & Nature

As the sun sank lower, Jeremy thought about going back to the harbor. However, the full moon would be rising within the hour to provide a soft glow across the calm waters, so Jeremy decided to spend a few more hours by himself on the sea. On the water, the chaos of life was washed away. As water lapped gently against the side of his small skiff, Jeremy studied the horizon, which was awash in a sunset palette. He wished he could freeze time and stay in the moment forever. The next day would not be easy, and it would be fine with Jeremy if it never came. However, for now, and for the next few hours, he would try to keep his troubles from his mind. Besides, no matter what happened, he'd still have the sea. It would never leave him.

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