New Pet

This passage describes how a young girl deals with the responsibility of a new pet.

Lexile Level: 990L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Jeanie awoke at four in the morning with Molly, her recently adopted puppy, licking her cheek. Molly had been easily house-trained and very good about asking to go outside when he needed. So Jeanie did not mind when Molly awoke her at times like this. She slid her feet into a pair of slippers and set Molly on the floor, where Molly arched his back to stretch his tiny body before following Jeanie to the back door. Outside, the moon was still up, full and bright, casting a soft light across the lawn. Molly scurried around the yard with his nose to the ground. Jeanie smiled at the clumsiness of his oversized paws and the cuteness of his floppy ears. She knew they were going to be the best of friends.

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