Lawn Service

This passage describes the special relationship that a boy has with his neighbors.

Lexile Level: 980L

Categories: Adventure

Mrs. Rafferty was not going to take no for an answer, and Jeff knew it. Jeff had been cutting the Rafferty's lawn for the last few months while Mr. Rafferty recuperated from his heart surgery. Mrs. Rafferty always attempted to pay him for his services, but Jeff refused. He wanted to help the Raffertys to repay them for all of their kindnesses over the years. Mr. Rafferty had been his baseball coach for four years. Mrs. Rafferty had helped him with hundreds of hours of math homework. Mr. Rafferty had taken him on his first fishing trip, and Mrs. Rafferty had never failed to bake a cake for Jeff on his birthday. Mrs. Rafferty led Jeff to the shed at the end of the Rafferty's drive. She opened the large double doors to reveal Mr. Rafferty's 1955 sedan. As Jeff wiped sweat from his forehead, Mrs. Rafferty pulled a large silver key from her pocket and handed it to him.

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