This passage discusses cartography, which is the making of maps and globes.

Lexile Level: 980L

Categories: Science & Technology

Probably at one time or another, you've gotten lost, since getting lost happens to almost everybody. The experience is likely what brought about cartography, which is the making of maps and globes. People made maps even before they began writing with words. They often drew maps on the walls of caves or other pieces of stone. These first maps appeared about 8,000 years ago. Later, and for hundreds of years, maps were drawn on paper with a pen and ink. Today, computers make maps and help cartographers, or mapmakers, create the most accurate maps possible. Maps show us what is called "spatial data." That means we can look at a map and see not only where we are, but how far or near we are to other places. Maps feature roads and highways, towns and cities, and even important places such as airports and hospitals. The invention of both the telescope and the compass helped cartographers make maps more accurate.


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