Safety in Sports

This passage discusses the importance of safety while playing sports.

Lexile Level: 1180L

Categories: Sports & Health

People who participate in athletics need to pay close attention to safety so that they will not be injured while playing or practicing their sports. If a sport requires any sort of protective gear, it is important to wear it, even when just practicing. Protective gear could include pads, helmets, or mouth guards, among other things. It is important to make certain that the protective gear fits and is worn appropriately. To avoid injury, it is also important that athletes stretch and warm up before engaging in any strenuous activity. Failing to do so can lead to muscle strains and pulls. Another way to avoid injuries is to know the rules of the sport so that all participants know what to expect. Similarly, players on the field should communicate their intentions whenever possible. If an injury does occur, the injured player should seek appropriate medical treatment and heal completely before playing again, so that he or she can participate fully when the injury is healed.


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