Power Outage

This passage describes how two boys pass the time during a power outage.

Lexile Level: 1170L

Categories: Classics & Literature Adventure

Charlie threw a sock ball through the dark room. It apparently hit its target, because his brother, Brent, moved the beam of his flashlight from the book he was reading and directed the light on Charlie. Brent issued a stern warning that involved a threat to make Charlie eat the socks if Brent's reading was disrupted again. Charlie envied his brother, who seemed to not mind that the storm had knocked out the power in their neighborhood. Every few minutes, Charlie could hear Brent turning a page, and he would wonder what was happening, what new ideas Brent was exploring, and what people he was getting to know. After several hours of darkness, Charlie could no longer take it, and he asked Brent if he could borrow one of his books. That night was spent chasing spies through Europe and uncovering enemy secrets. The time passed quickly, and even more importantly, never again did Charlie spend a single minute of his life being bored.

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