Getting a Shot

This passage is about a girl who is afraid to get a shot.

Lexile Level: 440L

Categories: Sports & Health

Julie sat nervously in the orange vinyl chair. She waited for the nurse to return to administer the shot Julie needed. Julie was afraid of needles. She was not happy to see the nurse approaching. The nurse smiled at Julie. She asked Julie if she was ready. Julie nodded even though she was still a little scared. She watched as the nurse prepared the shot. The nurse told her the shot would not hurt at all. Julie closed her eyes and held her breath. She felt a slight sting as the needle entered her arm. She braced herself for the worst. Julie opened her eyes. She watched as the nurse applied a bandage to Julie's arm. Julie couldn't believe it was over so quickly. She felt silly for being afraid of the shot. It was not scary at all.

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