Lynne Cox, World Famous Swimmer

This passage is about the swimmer Lynne Cox, who swam the English Channel.

Lexile Level: 530L

Categories: People & Places Sports & Health

Lynne Cox is a swimmer. She doesn't swim in a pool. She swims in the ocean. When she was fifteen years old, Lynne swam across the English Channel. The English Channel is a strip of water between England and France. She swam twenty-seven miles in about ten hours. After that, Lynne swam between the North and South islands of New Zealand. She also swam around the tip of South Africa. When Lynne was forty-three years old, she decided to swim to Antarctica. First she traveled there by boat. Lynne wanted to swim at least one mile. She jumped off the boat and into the water. The temperature of the water was thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit. While she swam, she had to be careful of ice in the water. She saw penguins swimming past her. After twenty-five minutes, Lynne reached the shore of an island. She stood up and walked onto land. She became the first person to swim to Antarctica.

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