The Kite Expert

This passage is about a boy who is an expert on kites.

Lexile Level: 520L

Categories: Sports & Health

If you want to know anything there is to know about kites, talk to Milton. Milton is only nine years old. But he is an expert on kites. He knows how to make them. He knows how to fly them. And he likes to share what he knows. Milton will talk about kites with anyone who wants to learn. Milton saw his first kite when he was two years old. He was walking along the beach with his mom and dad. Just as he reached down to pick up a shell, a huge shadow passed over him. Milton was frightened. But his dad told him to look up into the sky. When he did, Milton saw what he thought was a huge bird. He noticed the man who was flying it at the end of a long string. Milton's dad said it was a kite. Ever since then, Milton has been hooked on kites.


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