The Collector

This passage is about a woman who likes to collect soup cans.

Lexile Level: 570L

Categories: People & Places

Mildred had a curious hobby. She collected empty soup cans. Mildred must have had more than a thousand empty soup cans in her collection. Whenever people would come to her house to visit, Mildred would go on and on about the latest additions to her collection. She had soup cans from all over the world. Some were very large. Some were very small. And some looked just like the cans you see at the grocery store. Mildred displayed her collection on shelves that she built. The shelves covered just about all the walls in her house. The shelves went from the floor to the ceiling. Sometimes people would bring Mildred cans for her collection. But mostly, Mildred just checked the grocery store wherever she went. When she saw a can that she didn't have, she would buy it. She would have the soup for lunch or dinner. And then she would add the can to her collection.

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