This passage is about a boy who learns from his parents what it means to be responsible.

Lexile Level: 580L

Categories: People & Places

On Brandon's seventh birthday, his dad told him he was old enough for an allowance. Brandon was very excited. He already knew what an allowance was. He had heard some other kids in school talking about it. He liked the idea of getting money. And he liked the idea that his mom and dad trusted him to earn it. Brandon's dad asked him if he thought he could handle some chores around the house. Brandon said he could. They decided on a job for Brandon. His parents said that it would be Brandon's job to make sure the family dog had clean water in his bowl. When Brandon showed that he could do that, they would figure out other jobs, too. Brandon took his new responsibility very seriously. Whenever he went into the kitchen, he'd check the dog's bowl. He would then fill it if was getting empty. Brandon's mom and dad were very proud of him. And Brandon was glad to help.


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