Loose Tooth

This passage is about a boy who has his first loose tooth.

Lexile Level: 550L

Categories: Sports & Health

One day Ken woke up and noticed he had a loose tooth. The tooth was on his bottom row of teeth. It was one of the front teeth on the bottom row. Ken could push against the tooth with his tongue, and the tooth would move. Ken was amazed. He had never been able to push a tooth with his tongue before. Ken told his dad about his tooth. He opened his mouth and pushed against the tooth with his tongue. Ken's dad said he could see the tooth moving. Ken wasn't sure what to do. Ken's dad told him about losing baby teeth. As Ken grew, he would lose his teeth, but not all at once. It would be one at a time. Ken would lose his teeth because he was getting new ones. His new teeth would grow in. They would be bigger and stronger. His new teeth would be permanent. Ken's dad told him that losing teeth was part of growing up. Ken was getting bigger and needed new teeth. Ken thought this was great. He couldn't believe he would get new teeth. His dad told him it would take a while for a new tooth to grow in. A few days later, Ken pushed against his loose tooth, and it came out!


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