This passage is about King Tut, who became king of Egypt when he was nine years old.

Lexile Level: 1000L

Categories: History People & Places

Tuthankhamen is the name of one of the most famous kings of Egyptian history. In Ancient Egypt, kings were called by the title "pharaoh," and this was his official title. The shorter title or the nickname by which he is known is "King Tut." King Tut was a young ruler and came into power when he was only nine years old. The tomb where his body was buried was discovered in what is known as the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. When scientists examined his body, they determined that he was probably a teenager when he died. Since he was a pharaoh, King Tut was buried with all the wealth deserving of his title. His tomb is the best preserved one of all the ancient pharaohs, which has made him the most famous. The inner container of the king's coffin was made with gold and expert attention to detail.


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