This passage discusses the climate in the Sahara Desert.

Lexile Level: 590L

Categories: People & Places Animals & Nature

A desert is an area that has few plants and cannot support much life. Usually, deserts have a lot of sand. There are many deserts in the world. The Sahara is the largest desert in the world. It is located mostly in northern Africa. It also is in part of southwest Asia. The Sahara is 3,500,000 square miles. Some of the countries in the Sahara are Libya, Algeria, Niger, and Egypt. The Sahara has a harsh climate. Heavy winds blow across the Sahara. It doesn't rain much in the Sahara. The average is fewer than five inches of rain per year. It is also very hot in the Sahara. The highest recorded temperature taken in the shade was in the Sahara. In September, 1922, a temperature of 136 degrees Fahrenheit was recorded in Libya. At night, it gets colder. During winter nights, it can get as low as freezing.

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