This passage describes a girl's experience while fishing with her dad.

Lexile Level: 570L

Categories: Sports & Health Adventure

Dana sat on the dock with her legs crossed. She loved these monthly fishing trips with her dad. At first she did not enjoy baiting the hooks with the slimy worms. But now she was proud that she was brave enough to handle the worms. Touching the fish did not bother her anymore either. Once caught, the fish would go into the big, plastic bucket. Dana's dad always brought it along. At the end of the day, Dana would scoop the fish out of the bucket. Then she would lower them into the water. They were free again. She would watch them swim back into the ocean. But her favorite thing about these trips was not the fish. It was the time she got to spend with her dad. It made her feel special. It meant a lot that her dad wanted to spend time with her. She was glad that he involved her in one of his favorite hobbies. She hoped that this tradition would continue for many more years.

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